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Advanced Roofing Technology

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Our Roofing Technologies

Calvary Christian Construction Company specializes in MightyPlate, an advanced torchdown roof material developed for high durability and an extended life, and the Aluminum Shield Metal Roof System, a long-lasting and attractive waterproof aluminum coating.

What is Torchdown Roofing?

A photo of the Torchdown Roofing process.A photo of the Torchdown Roofing process.A photo of the Torchdown Roofing process.A photo of the Torchdown Roofing process.Torchdown roofing is modified bitumen sandwiching a strong polyester fabric core. Torchdown roofing creates an impermeable seal over your roof, protecting your house from leaks, providing extra heat insulation and blocking UV radiation. It is extremely durable and naturally weather resistant. The multi-layer construction of torchdown roofing gives your roof a life of up to 20 years, while helping to ensure against the need for repairs over this lifetime.

Installation of Torchdown Roofing

Torchdown roofing offers an clean, fume-free installation process. Tar, the main alternative to torchdown roofing, is notorious for the noxious fumes that are given off during installation. Tar odor will make your home and your immediate neighborhood unbearable, often forcing you out of your house for the duration of the process. With torchdown roofing, you will be able to stay on the premises during installation with no such inconvenience!


MightyPlate granulated single-ply is a self-contained, complete roofing and waterproofing system in rolls. The product is composed of apolyester fabric core sandwiched between two layers of modified bitumen and a top layer of UV reflecting mineral granules. It is greater than 170 mils thick, possesses superior heat resistance, low temperature flexibility and excellent workability.

Cross-section diagram of MightyPlate Single-Ply Roofing Membrane

  • Four layers of protection in one
  • Thermal stress and fatigue resistance
  • Highly elastic and lightweight
  • One easy labor-saving application

For more information on MightyPlate, see the manufacturer’s site.

Aluminum Shield Metal Roof System

Cross-section diagram of MightyPlate Single-Ply Roofing MembraneThe Aluminum Shield Metal Roof System is a waterproofing and rust preventative coating system specifically designed for the special needs of aluminum roofs. Using TRC roofing materials, the Aluminum Shield System is not a simple coating. Instead, it’s a combination of three easy-to-use products that form an aluminum sheild over metal roofs to waterproof, prevent rust and corrosion, insulate, beautify, and protect. And it does its job so well that it’s guaranteed.

The first step is a coating of Texas Refinery’s Anti-Oxidene Coating. This stops rust and corrosion immediately. Rust and corrosion are the biggest enemies of a metal roof. Eventually, all metal roofs will rust and corrode and, if left untreated, the roof will completely deteriorate. If rust and corrosion have not yet begun to form, the Aluminum Shielf System prevents them from starting, thus reducing costly roof repairs. But even if rust and corrosion have already started, TRC roofing materials stop these destructive forces from doing further damage.

The Aluminum Shield Metal Roof System provides a gleaming, protective coat of aluminum over the entire roof surface. Unlike most insulating materials which retard heat after it has penetrated the roof, the Aluminum Shield System stops heat before it even enters the roof system. This means cooler interiors, reduced air-conditioning costs and fewer roof repairs.

For more information on the Aluminum Shield Metal Roof System, see the manufacturer’s site.