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Roof Inspection and Maintenance

A new roof can cost you a reasonable amount of money, but the roof is the one aspect of a house that protects it from whatever the weather can throw at it. During a roof’s life, it will face wind, rain, snow and any other element that you can imagine. Because of the roof’s critical role in protecting your home, you should have your roof checked on a regular basis, especially if it is more than four or five years oldor has potentially suffered storm damage.

Whether you need to have your roof inspected in order to accomodate your mortgage lender or whether you are undergoing a regular maintenance check, you should consider getting a full, certified roof inspection done. A recognized and reputable roofing contractor will come out to your house, inspect the roof for any potential problems, and if all is well they will complete the certified roof inspection by giving you your certificate. This certificate is usually valid for two years, and if anything goes wrong with your roof in that time, the roofing company will fix the problem free of charge.

As you can see it is not only reassuring, and in some cases essential, to have a certified roof inspection, but it is also frugal. Paying for a certified roof inspection when there are no problems with the roof means that you are in essence taking out a two-year insurance policy on your roof. To look at it another way, it islike getting a two-year warranty even though the roof isn’t new.

A certified roof inspection really is vital to the longevity of your roof. By having a capable roofer check your roof every two years, you may be able to prevent expensive damage by taking care of minor repairs before they develop. Having a certified roof inspection means that you can be confident that your roof should be structurally sound for the next two years and, even in the worst cases, you will be able to have it fixed for nothing during the life of the certificate.

Repair, Inspection and Maintenance Plans

Stay on top of your roof with a roof maintenance plan! By choosing Calvary Christian Construction as your roofing maintenance contractor, you have the confidence that you’ll have someone who you can depend on for your roofing needs. We offer four levels of roof protection.

Emergency & Leak Repair Calvary will be on call for emergency repair of leaks and damage to your roof.
Inspections Identification of weak spots and other conditions that will need future repairs.
Preventive Maintenance Combines emergency repairs with proactive roof maintenance, extending the life of your roof.
Maintenance Management Never worry about your roof again with a comprehensive roof maintenance package, incorporating regular inspections, proactive roof maintenance, roofing system enhancements, all with consideration of your budget, and with the confidence of on call emergency service.

The better the roofing maintenance plan, the less worries you will have about your roofing system. Having a maintenance plan means your roofer will know the history of your building, and will allow you to identify problems early, reducing high-cost, disruptive roofing emergencies and prolonging the life of your roofing system. You and your tenants will appreciate consistent protection from leaks and the opportunity to plan roof repairs around a schedule. Only full roof maintenance by a qualified professional roofer can ensure complete confidence in the integrity of your roof.