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“… I was amazed at how neat and efficient the whole crew was.”

Calvary Construction Company Roofing and Roof Inspectors

James DavisCalvary has been serving Northeast Ohio for more than 20 years. Cleave Robinson, original founder of Calvary, started the business with on the principle “No Job Too Big or Too Small.” The company has since been turned over to his sons, who were taught that the best way to keep customers coming back is to do dependable work at a fair wage.

Calvary is seeking to become a household name.

No matter what the problem, we are committed to covering you from high winds, rain, snow, ice and fire with quality roofing. We will broom snow or ice from your roof and use tarps to allow emergency roofing to be performed within 48 hours, weather permitting.

Our crew members are the best trained and best equipped in the industry. Our project managers are taught to solve problems before they occur. Your satisfaction is our goal.

We have many roofing systems. Our main roofing system is torchdown roofing MightPlate, which is a 4-ply system rolled into one, with great features making it safe on the environment and more cost-efficient.MightPlate will save your company thoughs in heating costs. Read more about our roofing technology.

“My name is Mr. Davis. As mayor of East Cleveland, I always look in the direction of good quality of work. And when my roof began to leak in the chapel of my funeral home, I needed help quick. So I called Calvary to the job and the work was done very neatly, the clean-up was done, and I was able to continue my business. Thank you Calvary Construction for a job well done and at a great price. I would always refer them for roofing needs.

— East Cleveland Mayor Wallace D. Davis

“My name is Frank McMichael. I had heard about this company and I decided to give them a call for my residential needs. I was amazed at how neat and efficient the whole crew was – very polite toward me and my neighbors. Thanks Calvary Construction; we’ll be in touch!”

— Frank McMichael

“I was referred to this company by my sister-in-law, who told me how they walked her through each step defail by detail. Everything was done in a professional manner, each worker also was very polite and courteous.”

— Bernard Bowie

“My name is Dan, owner of D-Auto and Trim. My showroom started leaking and I needed good quality help fast. I seen the sign on one of the trucks and I called. They were Johnny on the Spot. I received a quality job with a great guarantee. They stand by their work.”

— Dan

“I am building maintenance coordinator, and I came across Calvary because we were getting water in the North Complex and it was damaging our computer systems. The Calvary team came and within a few hours all our worries were over. Thanks for a job well done.”

— Mark Goodman

We have many advanced roofing systems, and offer custom roof maintenance plans. If you are ready for professional, dependable roofing service at an a fair wage, give Calvary a call.